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iCure team

We collaborate and share, we trust and connect. We speak different language and work from different countries with clients from Europe and beyond.

To make the technology work for doctors and patients. To advance together.

And to have fun in the process.

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Oksana Bober


Started her career in Software and took a detour into linguistics, TV journalism, consumer sales, and marketing in a multinational company. Developed business in 30 countries on 3 continents. Finally, she went back to IT (talk about great return rate!) to build the best company in Healthcare Technology. Executive MBA at IMD, based in Geneva, Switzerland

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Antoine Duchâteau


Born in a family of doctors and surrounded by relatives of all medical specializations, became a software engineer, a nerd, and a piano player, and started Taktik, IT company with his 2 friends. Until recently, iCure was the favorite baby of Antoine inside Taktik. An engineer, who knows all the doctors in Belgium (as far as we managed to count). Based in Brussels

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Luca Tremamunno

Software Engineer

Software Engineer by his role and passion. He comes from Ravenna, Italy, a city famous for its ancient Roman mosaics and delicious traditional food. Besides his passion for coding, he enjoys video games, boardgames, scuba diving and hiking when he gets a chance and has a passion about Japanese culture and cuisine. Based in Brussels, Belgium

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Vincenzo Claudio Pierro

Software Engineer

Moved from Southern Italy to join the iCure team, graduating with Masters in Digital Health and Bioinformatic Engineering. He’s a part of the Backend engineering team. He loves being close to nature and hiking in the mountains. In his free time, he likes reading and practicing the sport of Medieval Fencing. Based in Brussels, Belgium

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Larysa Shashuk

Front End Developer

Larysa works on integrating design with iCure backend. As a student, she used to be a culture volunteer, worked in an NGO, participated in the Erasmus+ volunteering program in Poland and got a grant from Ukrainian government for it. Loves reading at least 2 books per month and trains her two Siamese cats. Based in Rivne, Ukraine

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Clément Vandendaelen

Software Engineer

Clement is a Belgian program analyst with a passion for culture, cinema and new technology, who started programming by creating modifications in Minecraft. He’s particularly attracted to the world-famous fruity Belgian beers. He joined iCure in August 2021 as a Back-End Engineer. Based in Brussels, Belgium

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Tiago Oliveira

Legal and Business Analyst

Joined iCure while studying Law in Brussels. He is helping the team with all the legal and data privacy matters, related to the field of medical data management. He is passionate about Martial Arts and is a member of the Belgian Karate team. He loves learning Japanese and wants to visit Japan one day. Based in Brussels

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Roger Brugger

Financial professional

Roger is a Financial professional (Certified Public Accountant) with a great passion for start-ups. His role in iCure is all about making sure that the finances of the business are in perfect order and ensuring that the company is prepared for its future growth ambitions. He is originally Swiss and currently based in Kigali, Rwanda

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Harshavardhan N Iyer

Product and Project Manager

Experienced in scaling companies into Unicorns across Medtech, Education, Food delivery, and FMCG spanning 50+ cities in Asia. He is a Mech Engineer with an MBA. He aims to create impeccable use cases for iCure customers. You’d often find him glued to a Cricket match. He likes playing Chess and enjoys Drumming. Based in Geneva, Switzerland

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Lucy Tsotsorina

Marketing consultant

An E-shaped Marketer with a passion for early-stage startups, Lucy does strategy and implementation for all things Inbound. She likes playing musical instruments, singing, travelling and consuming Sci-Fi in all shapes and forms. She is a Master of Business Administration and is based in Izmail, Ukraine

iCure Story


iCure is published by Taktik as the first certified MacOS primary care EHR for the Belgian market


iCure develops an encrypted data model with BlueKrypt

iCure is used as a desktop application by 300 Belgian doctors


iCure starts working on a high performance, distributed and encrypted data stack for healthcare


iCure Data Stack is adopted by Medispring and Topaz EHRs for the Belgian market


iCure develops the Free Health Connector, an Open Source unified connector for eHealth Services in Belgium


iCure Data Stack welcomes is 1000th HCP on its unified platform


iCure Data Stack hosts the data of more than 3 000 HCPs, handles 5 000 000 network transactions a day

Nuclear medicine platform for HCPs and patients based on iCure backend was developed with Novartis


iCure became a separate company inside the Taktik Group and received support from investment fund

iCure moved to Geneva, Switzerland, to expand internationally and serve clients around the world

Certified for IHE profiles: .XDS, .ATNA

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iCure SA

Contact: contact@icure.com

Last update: February 20th, 2024.

Information Security Policy


1. Introduction

The iCure universe is built on trust. Guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data that are entrusted to us is our highest priority.

The Information Security Policy of iCure abstracts the security concept that permeates every activity and abides by the ISO 27001:2013 requirements for Information Security, so that we ensure the security of the data that iCure and its clients manage.

Every employee, contractor, consultant, supplier and client of iCure is bound by our Information Security Policy.

2. Our Policy

iCure is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the service it provides and the data it manages. iCure also considers protecting the privacy of its employees, partners, suppliers, clients and their customers as a fundamental security aspect.

iCure complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of information assets and voluntarily commits itself to the provisions of the ISO 27001:2013.

3. Information Security Definitions

Confidentiality refers to iCure’s ability to protect information against disclosure. Attacks, such as network reconnaissance, database breaches or electronic eavesdropping or inadvertent information revealing through poor practices.

Integrity is about ensuring that information is not tampered with during or after submission. Data integrity can be compromised by accident or on purpose, by evading intrusion detection or changing file configurations to allow unwanted access.

Availability requires organizations to have up-and-running systems, networks, and applications to guarantee authorized users’ access to information without any interruption or waiting. The nature of data entrusted to us requires a higher-than-average availability.

Privacy is the right of individuals to control the collection, use, and disclosure of their personal information. Our privacy policies are based on the GDPR(https://gdpr-info.eu/) and can be augmented by added requirements of specific clients or law areas.

4. Risk Assessment

The main threats iCure is facing as a company are:

  1. Data Theft;
  2. Data Deletion;
  3. Denial of Service attacks;
  4. Malware;
  5. Blackmail and Extortion.

As providers of a solution used by developers active in Healthcare, we also have to anticipate the risks of:

  1. Attacks on our clients’ data, which could lead to major social damages and a loss of trust in our solution;
  2. Abuse of our solution by ill-intentioned clients, that could impact the quality of the service provided to the rest of our clients.

The motivation of the attackers in the latter cases can range from financial gain to political or ideological motivations.

A last risk is linked to the nature of the healthcare data we handle. We must ensure, that the data we handle are not used for purposes other than those for which they were collected:

A piece of data collected from a patient for the purpose of a medical consultation should not be available to third parties, not even a government agency.

5. Risk Management

The main principles we apply to manage the risks we face are:

  1. Confidentiality by design: All sensitive data is encrypted end-to-end before being stored in our databases. We do not have any access to the data we store. Our client’s customers are the only ones who can decrypt the data we store.
  2. Anonymization by design: Healthcare information that has to be stored unencrypted is always anonymized using end-to-end encryption scheme. This means that the link between the healthcare and administrative information must be encrypted.

Those two principles allow us to minimize the risks of data theft, blackmail, extortion, and coercion by government agency.

  1. Multiple real-time replicas, with automatic failover: We use a distributed database architecture to ensure that our data is available at all times. We use a master-master architecture, each data is replicated at least 3 times. Snapshots are taken every day to ensure that we can restore the data in case of a malevolent deletion event.
  2. Automatic password rotations: no single password can be used for more than 48 hours. Passwords are automatically rotated every 24 hours. In case of a password leak, we can limit the window of opportunity for an attack.

Those two principles allow us to minimise the risks of data deletion, denial of service attacks, and malware.

  1. Minimization of the attack surface: we deploy our systems in the most minimal way. We only expose the network services that are strictly necessary.
  2. Strict dependency management: we only use open-source software that is regularly updated and audited by the community. We favor dependency management software and providers that minimize the risk of supply chain poisoning.

Those two principles allow iCure to minimise the risks of intrusion by vulnerability exploit or supply chain attacks, two risks that could lead to data theft or data deletion.

6. Further Information

This policy is valid as of November 10th, 2022. For futher information please connect with us at privacy@icure.com


iCure SA

Rue de la Fontaine 7, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland



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Quality Policy


At iCure SA, we are committed to excellence in all aspects of our work. Our quality policy is designed to provide a framework for measuring and improving our performance within the QMS.

1. Purpose of the Organization

The purpose of the QMS is to ensure consistent quality in the design, development, production, installation, and delivery of Data processing, security, archival, technical support and protection solutions for medical device software, while ensuring we meet customer and regulatory requirements. The document applies to all documentation and activities within the QMS. Users of this document are members of the iCure Management Team involved in the processes covered by the scope.

2. Compliance and Effectiveness

We are committed to complying with all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements, including ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 27001:2013. We strive to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

3. Quality Objectives

Our quality objectives are set within the framework of this policy and as defined by our Software Development Lifecycle and are reviewed regularly to ensure they align with our business goals. These objectives serve as benchmarks for measuring our performance and guide our decision-making processes.

4. Communication

We ensure that our quality policy is communicated and understood at all levels of the organization. We encourage every member of our team to uphold these standards in their daily work whether they are employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers, clients or any other person involved in building our medical data management software.

5. Continuing Suitability

We regularly review our quality policy to ensure it remains suitable for our organization. This includes considering new regulatory requirements, feedback from customers, and changes in our business environment. By adhering to this policy, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction, improve our performance, and contribute to the advancement of medical technology

iCure SA

Contact: contact@icure.com

Last update: April 17th, 2024